The Other Side of Fear

“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of fear is freedom”
-Marilyn Ferguson

I saw this quote somewhere a few months ago. I scribbled it down, and it’s been stuck to my fridge ever since, alongside other inspiring sayings, cards, and funny pictures that I’ve been using to keep myself grounded and motivated. I look at it every morning, blurry-eyed but excited to tackle my long and growing list of to-dos. I stare at it mindlessly when the overwhelm gets to me and I need to divert my eyes from the far-too-many windows I have open on my screen. I glance at it as I pop in and out of the fridge, collecting the ingredients I need to press a green juice, host a rooftop BBQ or make a simple dinner for two. It never gets old. And it always takes me back, reminds me why I’m doing what I’m doing.


A few months ago I decided to take my career ambitions in a new direction. I have spent most of the past 7+ years working at the United Nations, on a projects I believe in, on issues I am whole-heartedly committed to, with colleagues I admire and respect. And a few years ago I completed my Masters in an effort to propel my career in international development even further. I had invested a lot—of time, of money, and of myself—into this career. But I decided to go in a new direction anyway. I'm still not entirely sure why. A little voice just kept nagging me to follow my heart. I have moments when I think I must be crazy. I have moments when I think others must think that I’m crazy. And that’s scary. All of this is scary. But feeling that fear, acknowledging it, and then doing what I’m doing anyway… that is undeniably liberating.

It reminds me of skydiving. I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared than in the moments leading up to a 14,000-foot jump off of a plane, hovering above the East Coast of Australia. Heart pounding. Sweaty palms. Double knots in my stomach and my throat. I’m talking get-me-the-****-out-of-here scared. And being on the verge of that precipice, teetering between plane and air and everything that was below, that was the scariest place to be. I was feeling the fear, let me tell you! But a split second later and I was experiencing the most profound sense of freedom that I have ever known. Sixty seconds of unparalleled, exhilarating, free-falling freedom.


That was nearly nine years ago. Today, I’m standing on the edge of another precipice. With this post, I am making the jump. Today I am officially opening the doors of The Samana Project. I do so with a heartfelt desire to inspire my clients to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices so that they too can live freely, fully and joyfully without sacrificing the things they love.

If you are reading this, it’s because you’re an important part of this leap. The past few months have truly been a labour of love, in great part because of the love, encouragement, faith and support that so many of you have blessed me with along the way. Endless thanks to you for this, and for continuing to join me on this journey.

So here we go… I’ll see you on the other side!

When have you leaped through fear to experience freedom? Let me know in the comments below!

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