Travel Well, Eat Well

Travelling well and eating well—as in, healthy—don’t often go hand in hand. It’s one thing if you’re enjoying the soul food indulgences that holidays usually bring (as you should!). But airplane food is far from healthy, and it definitely isn’t an indulgence. It’s actually nothing more than a microwaved dinner, riddled with preservatives. Shudder. So why bookend your holiday with food that’s sure to leave you feeling sluggish and bloated, and doesn’t feed your body OR your soul?

Getting ready to travel usually involves a long list of to-dos, so bringing your own food probably feels like another unnecessary chore. But with just a little bit of effort on the ground and a bit of will power in the air (it’s hard to turn down free food!), you can arrive at your destination feeling satisfied and healthy.

Last week I had the pleasure of indulging in a few days of family fun across the pond. We had a late flight, so I packed a picnic for the airport, which meant I could skip the meal service and get a bit of extra shut-eye. I also knew I’d be hungry before landing at Heathrow, so I made sure to throw in a few extra goodies for breakfast. Here’s what I packed:


Smoked salmon sandwiches on whole wheat bread (and a bit of dijon mustard)
Seaweed salad from the Whole Foods salad bar
A bag of almonds and cranberries
Larabars (these are my favourite fruit and nut bars… you must check them out!)
Fruit salad (bought prepared from Whole Foods)
Sliced apples (rub a wedge of lemon on the cut apples to prevent them from going brown)

On the trip home I didn’t have the luxury of time or my own kitchen to prepare a meal, so I bought a salad at the airport and took it with me on the plane. When the flight attendant came around offering the beef surprise, I had a healthy alternative.


What tasty, healthy treats will you bring with you on your next getaway? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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