Love. Passion. Respect. Honesty.

Hello friends! You may notice that I'm shaking things up a little bit over here. Less than a year ago I launched The Samana Project with a heartfelt desire to help others harness their personal power and transform their lives through yoga and healthier lifestyle choices. The work that I do with my yoga and coaching clients is deep, personal and transformational. Developing close relationships with them and with my community is an important part of that work and I wanted this site, which is the online portal to all of that, to reflect that.

So while the principles of The Samana Project remain at the heart of what I do, I'm weaving more of myself into my work and my online presence. Starting with a brand new URL and new logo in my own name, Julie Mae Weber.

I've always liked my name. Not for the name itself as much as what—or rather, who— it represents. I'm named after my grandmothers, Julia Cowley and Lillian Mae Weber. Both strong, beautiful, loving, wise, warm and inspiring women that I was lucky enough to grow up knowing and loving. I've been shaped so profoundly by both of them and feel it an incredible honor to carry their names. Memories of them, advice they've given me, qualities of theirs that I notice in myself, qualities of theirs that I wish I had and strive to emulate, weave through me so intricately that I truly can't imagine who I would be without their influence and presence in my life. 

So, it's with much pride that I step into this new phase of my business. I've made a few tweaks here and there to the website, so feel free to stay awhile explore. But some things won't ever change. What I do, what I put out into the world and how I communicate it to you will always come from a place of love, passion, respect and honesty. Qualities I was taught by two very smart ladies never to compromise on.

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