"If you have never experienced private yoga before, Julie will spoil you! She is amazing, a true moving massage. She is excellent at adjusting the practice to your level and needs and I felt challenged, energized and amazingly peaceful at the end of the session. Give yourself or someone else the gift of Julie!"

Alysia Reiner, Actress, Orange Is The New Black (New York, NY)

Julie, thank you so much for the private yoga class today. I loved your teaching style and manner, so generous and empathetic. I so appreciate the language of yoga - it's such great and powerful way to communicate and you embody it so well.

Rachel (Toronto, Ontario)

A friend’s stellar recommendation led me to Julie. I love working with Julie privately in my home. Her teaching is gentle, compassionate, effective. In our first session, she showed me a modification of a pose that I was able to teach my husband that night to alleviate his back pain. 

Grace, skill, integrity and beauty are the hallmarks of her practice. I recommend her unhesitatingly for high-quality, discreet, professional private yoga instruction.

Ruth Ann (Hampton Bays, NY)

Dear Julie,

It was a honor and blessing that I found your class yesterday... thank you again! I've missed yoga and this feeling of newness and reopening is a welcomed visitor right now. 

Michael (New York, NY)

Having practiced yoga for the past 8 years, I have met numerous teachers and attended various classes but rarely have I completed a yoga session with such a feeling of well-being and positive energy.  

Julie has the ability to keep you in the moment, to inspire you, and to help you accept your limits in your practice.

Julie reminded me that a yoga practice is not about the time you dedicate to it or the difficulty of your postures but the occasion you give yourself to take care of yourself, even if it means a few minutes in child's pose. 

Nathalie (Montreal, ON) 

I took a relaxing alfresco yoga class with Julie overlooking the Long Island Sound. While the view and the atmosphere were sensational, Julie’s ability to bring an extra level of calm and serenity to our session superseded everything else. Her soothing style was just perfect and just what I needed to help me unplug from my hectic and busy lifestyle.

Brian (New York, NY)

Serene. Relaxing. Revitalizing. I believe these words encapsulate a yoga session with Julie. With her amicable demeanor, she created a comfortable atmosphere while still expertly guiding us through the positions. Her knowledge was only surpassed by her attention to detail, ensuring we were getting the best out of our session. 

Julie exemplifies the perfect yoga instructor. She is patient, knowledgeable, and tranquil. No matter where or when, I know I will leave our yoga session with a renewed vivacity thanks to Julie.

Natalina (New Haven, CT)

Julie is a delight!  Informative, attentive and very thoughtful, she really cares about her clients and goes beyond the call of duty.  She made our experience with yoga truly meaningful. 

Julie is a caring and a considerate professional who is committed to her client's well being, and to the health & wellness profession as a whole.  She is truly an added value, and we look upon her not only as our Yogi but also as our friend. 


Stephanie & Mathieu (Paris)

I've always struggled with yoga -- the positions, the breathing, finding your inner eye stuff. The potential yogi in me wanted so badly to embrace yoga, but I never felt like I connected enough after the various sessions I had at different studios.  When Julie invited me to a class, it was the first time in my life that I actually enjoyed yoga.  She really takes the time to get to know her students and tailors the lessons perfectly to their needs.

Throughout the class, Julie pays close attention to how your body reacts to the positions and helps you achieve the pose with patience and softness.

Instead of dreading the yoga classes of the past - heavy breathers panting next to me, instructors who focus solely on advanced students, so-so musical choices - I look forward to my classes with Julie, and am always surprised when an entire hour slips away and makes me feel rejuvenated and strong.

Nastassia (New York, NY)

Julie's yoga classes offer a wonderful combination of strength and spirituality.

 She has a calming, peaceful demeanor in class that helps her students both to focus on their breath and to strengthen their poses.  Julie gives specific instruction about alignment and set up that allowed me to find the most fulfilling experience in each pose.  She is encouraging to students at all levels.  I had been practicing yoga regularly before taking classes with Julie, and she was able to give me personal instruction to get to the next level in more advanced poses.  She is responsive to each student's needs throughout class, and provides individual attention that is stimulating and supportive.  Julie is a pleasure as a teacher; I always leave her class feel strengthened and revitalized. 

Grace (New York, NY)