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About The Samana Project

Welcome toThe Samana Project. We inspire busy professionals to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices so they can find and sustain balance and live their lives freely, fully, and joyfully without sacrificing the things they love. 

The Samana Project was founded by New York-based certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach, Julie Weber. More on her here.



Samana, a Sanskrit word, is one of five vayus, or directions in which energy flows within each one of us. Known as the breath of balance, samana vayu is a concentrating, consolidating force that draws energy inward to one's core, and then processes it to empower all aspects of life, including digestion, vitality, and balance. In the energetic body, it is associated with the transformative power of the fire element.

So, simply put, samana = transformation, from the inside out.


The Samana Project aims to help clients harness their own transformative energy and empowers them to bring all aspects of their being—mind, body and soul—into alignment through healthy diet and lifestyle choices that feel authentic to them.

What we do

We lead our clients on a personal journey towards achieving their wellness goals. We help them create a vision for their health and their life, and believe in the manifestation of that dream. We offer guidance and inspiration to help them shift their behavior to healthier habits by making step-by-step changes to their diet and lifestyle. Through highly customized programs, which include yoga and/or health coaching, clients can expect to gain a deeper understanding of their bodies and the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for them.  We're there every step of the way as they implement lasting changes that will improve their energy, balance and health. 


The Samana Project emphasizes sustainability and celebrates individuality. We recognize that each person's physical make up, health goals and needs are very unique. We believe at our core that a healthy diet and lifestyle should be liberating, not limiting. We are adamant that the only way to achieve lasting health is to ensure that we make daily choices—food, exercise and otherwise—that feel authentic and natural and rather than contrived or forced. 

It starts with you

We are committed to supporting our clients as they venture to move naturally through a healthy life. But it starts with you! For true transformation, can only happen from the inside out. 

Start Being Healthier Today

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